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Football betting can make you rich and also make you broke; it all depends on how you handle it. Even other forms of businesses have their ups and downs  and the only difference between the winners and losers is winners have the right strategy – The Investment Scheme. Do you know betting is not gambling if you have banker tips you can trust!

This investment scheme is recommended for serious bettors that believe in the smart way of betting and making profits steadily!

In this scheme, we provide odds within the range of 1.70 – 2.00 odds. While some punters are pondering on the availability of low odds, other smart bettors are cashing out steadily!

Odds are carefully and vigorously selected (mostly accumulators of 2 to 3 matches selected from trusted top leagues with a very safe prediction market). 

Odds provided in this scheme have a very low tendency of Loosing! Why wait? Capitalize on today’s investment tip and make profit steadily!


  • Steady winning ratio.
  • Over 100% Accuracy.
  • Investment Strategy.
DURATION ₦aira KSH UGX ¢edis $ollars
1 week ₦4,000 2,500KSH 70,000 ¢100 $25
2 weeks ₦6,000 3,000KSH 100,000 ¢150 $35
1 month ₦10,000 4,500KSH 150,000 ¢250 $50

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